Sex Swing Positions

When you are using a sex swing, the possibilities for innovative sex positions expands greatly. Sex swings offer 100’s of combinations for fresh sexual positions. Swings present adjustable sex harnesses for a swinging good time fully! Padded for comfort, the sex swing can support you as well as your lover. Each swing arrives assembled with the hanging hardware included fully. They are easy to set-up and to remove. As you become more informed with your sex swing, you will most probably want to test out new positions. Try our positions to get your creative juices moving! The sex swing provides a number of different unique sexual positions and may help to decrease the stress and stiffness experienced during sexual functions without the usage of a swing. Make use of your creativity and create your have sex swing positions. Here are a few good reasons why engaging in unique positions on a sex swing is a breeze!

  • Easily “swing” your lover to another sex placement while maintaining the mood
  • Using the spring given most sex swings provides added energy for quicker and deeper penetration
  • With the person standing and the woman in the swing, the girl could be moved by the man back and forth, or move her into various other interesting positions, intended for intercourse. For this reason so many people like having sex using swings!
  • If you have the Like Spinning or Swing Sex Swing, contain the Torque Support Bar™ to permit you greater leverage during intercourse
  • Adjustable straps enable you to change the positioning of the swing to provide you with different angles of entry

A sex swing offers convenient sex positions offering both social people less exhaustion and back strain. This enables for more ease and comfort and longer sex sessions.

  • Hands-free sexual positions provide an new realm of touch and caressing sensations during sex entirely
  • Attach the swing over the bed. Have the person lay out and bounce the woman and down in the swing up.
  • With the man setting up and the girl suspended in the swing over him, spin the woman in the swing 360?
  • A woman can be suspended face down in the swing for “doggy design” or anal entry. (Also, male anal access.)
  • Let your imagination assist you to discover more sexual uses for the swing even.


That’s an excellent baseline of why innovative sexual positions with a sex swing are unique, simple to get into , and amazing absolutely. The positions that you’ll be capable of geting into will blow your mind absolutely. You can fulfill every libido you possess. That’s why the sex swing is definitely the best bedroom toy. A few examples of real positions include:

The Embrace

Among the Kama Sutra’s most popular positions, with the man holding the girl as he penetrates up. It’s the type of position you see in movies but is usually a clumsy no-go. The weightlessness created by a sex swing lets this position is enjoyed by you confidently and comfortably.

Doggy Style

While the female bends over the swing face-down, the person can anally penetrate either vaginally or. Again, the swing’s movement permits deeper, stronger thrusting.

If you like female penetration, this placement is perfect for those utilizing a strap-on masturbator. If you do not already own this kind of toy, you can travel to our strap-on section to explore what’s available!


As you partner upwards lies down facing, the other lays over the swing face down above them. Take benefit of your weightlessness to swing as you give one another oral sex gently.


Simply lie on your own front or back together with your ft in the supports, swinging forwards and backwards as you enjoy solo play.

Oral Sex for Him. This placement involves one person lying face through to a bed and the other hanging ugly from the swing. The individual on the swing shall be the one providing oral sex to the man lying on the bed. This could become used with 2 ladies but may possibly be less difficult for the giver if the receiver was a guy becoming that the penis will maintain an easy-to-observe and easy-to-handle position.

Oral Sex on her behalf. The woman lies face up in the swing and lays back again and relaxes while she receives oral sex just. This is also an excellent position for the giver because they won’t need to worry as very much about straining his throat in the process.


Standing Missionary Position. That is probably the most well-known sex swing positions and is nearly identical to the typical lying missionary placement but with the person standing on the bottom rather of kneeling. One individual sits on the swing facing their partner with their hip and legs straddled therefore their partner can penetrate deeply.

Standing Rear Entry Placement. This is actually the perfect rear-entry position and is comfortable for both social people involved. This position involves one person sitting down in the swing facing from their partner while their partner stands in it to penetrate from the trunk.

Reverse Cowgirl. With the invert cowgirl placement the female keeps onto the swing while sitting on her behalf partner, facing aside with her legs among his. The swing permits deeper penetration, smoother thrusting and allows the woman to remain on top for an extended time period without getting exhausted or sore.


As you can plainly see sex on a sex swing is mind blowing absolutely. You’ll never encounter such a weightlessness and simple being able to take part in probably the most challenging positions otherwise.



What is a Sex Swing?

The sex swing is a type of unique bedroom apparatus that you can’t get in your vehicle and drive to your local furniture store and purchase. They are a device that is hung from the ceiling, your door, or a specialized stand to suspend you in a fantastic position for your partner to have full control over your body. You can get into the wildest positions you have ever dreamed of without having to have extreme strength and athletic ability. When trying to choose which sex swing is best for you, I’d highly recommend you checking out AdultFunX, they have a sex swing buying guide that is very relevant for today’s standards.

Sex swings are made for anyone, despite your weight or age. There is a sex swing out there for anyone. When trying to decide what sex swing is best for you , there are many different factors to consider. The design of the swing is important because some of them have different features then others, and depending on what you’re looking for will influence your decision. They come in a wide range of prices from 30$ up to 500$ for a top of the line sex swing. Another big influence in both price and features is what type of sex swing you decide to go with. There are sex swings that hang from your door, sex swings that hang from the ceiling or a stand designed specifically for hanging this apparatus.


sex swing


This is a sex swing that could be hung from the ceiling by finding a ceiling joist and screwing it in or hung on a stand. Sex swings allow you to achieve a multitude of positions that will simply blow your mind! They are by far my favorite bedroom toy and will surely be yours too.


Every swing has different levels of adjustability , from the leg straps to where you hold your hands. Some allow 360 degree of spinning and some do not. Each swing has its own benefits and negatives. Comfort is a major factor when considering what product will be best for you. You don’t want to be focusing on how much a leg strap is digging into your thigh while you partner is performing on you.

Always keep in mind that every swing is designed differently and you must make sure you’re buying the right one for you. It is a highly personal purchase and one that will influence greatly how much you enjoy your new product.

There are several factors other factors to consider when making the choice of which sex swing is best for you. The weight limit that is supported by that individual swing is something some most consider. Don’t worry though because there are swings out there made for any weight. One thing to consider when trying to decide if the product you’re looking at is comfortable is by checking the straps. Do they have adequate padding? Are they too narrow that they would dig into your arm or leg? Another thing too consider is the additional features, some come with arm and leg restraints rather than just stirrups and handles. Some have a spring that absorbs the shock of vigorous movement better than others. Sex swings also come in a variety of colors and patterns. Is this something that you consider important? Finally one of the most important factors to consider is your budget. They come in a wide variety of prices from the cheapest coming in around 30$ to the more expensive models that exceed 500$. Make sure you shop around to get the best bang for your buck.

Let’s face it, sex is a very important aspect of most every adults life. Statistics show that 96.3% of women who have the “best sex of their life” with their partner never consider cheating. Another interesting statistic is that 83% of women that have cheated on a spouse have done so because they weren’t fully satisfied. The best sex I’ve ever had in my life was on my favorite bedroom toy, the sex swing. Having good sex can change your whole mood. Sex is also a very good workout , burning more calories faster than a walk in the park and even better than some workouts. Sex can and is one of the most healthiest activities you can engage in when done responsively. Being happy is the most important thing in life so why not try to make it the best you possibly can?

In conclusion if you follow the guide on AdultFunX you won’t be sorry for making this purchase. It is a great authority on sex swings and I highly recommend their guide.

Happy swinging my friends.